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Carla Dawes

Rising Into Resilience — Coaching & Support for Loved Ones of Trauma Survivors; Conscious Creation Workshops, Retreats &
Emotional Resilience Coach & Master Conscious EFT Practitioner
Kelowna, BC

Carla is a Certified Emotional Resilience Coach; an Accredited, Certified, Advanced EFT Tapping Practitioner; a Master Conscious EFT™ Practitioner; a Desire Map Facilitator & Coach; and Founder of Rising Into Resilience, a coaching and support resource for loved ones of trauma survivors. She is also the owner of Conscious Creation Workshops, Retreats & Coaching and has spoken internationally on stress, resilience and emotional wellbeing. Using EFT tapping, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, IFS/parts work, and other energy psychology practices, Carla’s coaching work is customized to each client and brings together somatic (body-based) and psyche (mind-based) methods to help clients move through life’s challenges. Carla is known for creating a safe, welcoming, supportive counseling space that encourages self-exploration, healing and optimal wellness. Her work supports clients to manage stress, create a healthy nervous system, improve performance and relationships, have personal and professional breakthroughs, and build the resilience to navigate the emotional roller coaster that being human can be.

Additional Information: This is an experiential workshop; participants should dress comfortable and come prepared for a small amount of body movement.

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